• Steve Spitzer

Kentucky Crappie With Captain Steve!

Hey friends. I've spent a lifetime chasing after crappie, both for fun and in tournaments across our great country. They are, beyond a doubt, my favorite of all gamefish to catch (plus, they are second to none on the table.) These days, I am blessed to spend much of my time guiding for these awesome fish on Lake Cumberland, Dale Hollow, and Green River Lake here in Kentucky, and on my website in the days ahead, I will be sharing pictures and commentary about recent trips, as well as tips and techniques that you can utilize to hopefully improve your fishing. There are many ways to catch crappie and we'll look at some of the most productive methods for catching these wonderful fish. Along the way, we'll also have loads of fun! So join me here on my blog "Kentucky Crappie with Captain Steve" and let's enjoy this wonderful world of crappie fishing (and the occasional bluegill. lol) God bless....and thanks for checking on my website. Book a trip with me and we'll spend a day together in God's great outdoors!!!

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