• Steve Spitzer

Rain! Rain! and More Rain!

Hey folks, the clouds and rain are playing havoc with early Spring crappie fishing. Lake Cumberland is once again on the rise and as I look out my kitchen window on Fishing Creek, the water is extremely dingy to muddy. Consequently, I've been doing most of my fishing on Dale Hollow Lake which seems to weather these storms better by keeping a decent water level and clarity. My last four trips to Dale Hollow have resulted in some quality crappie with good numbers. My preferred way of catching these fish has been to spider-rig (slow troll) with multiple rods using minnows. In fact, right now I'm offering a special deal to anyone who wants to learn how to spider-rig. I will take you on a solo trip (one person) for $250 and share with you all the tips and tricks I've learned in over 50 years of fishing with this method. Several clients have already take me up on this offer. If you have friends who want to go, I can take up to 4 people spider-rigging on my boat, and will adjust the price accordingly.

Crappie at Dale Hollow are second to none. We've even had a few fish pushing two pounds. The females are fat with eggs and some of the males are getting their dark spawning colors on. They are in the pre-spawn staging areas and will soon make their way to the banks as temperatures rise and the days get longer in search of trees, bushes, and rocky banks to use as spawning grounds. Call me at 606-451-9381 or my cell phone 606-305-4973 and I'll set up a trip for you. Also, take a look at this short video of some happy customers enjoying some quality "crappie" time.

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