• Steve Spitzer

Virus! Virus! Go Away!!!

I wish I could think of something new and informative I could say about this pandemic predicament we find ourselves in, but sadly, I can't. Everything that can be said or written about it has already been said and written, hundreds, maybe thousands of times. These are unusual times that call for unusual actions. However, I am a person of hope and not despair. Some of that comes from being a Christian minister for many years and watching people go through all kinds of hard situations and come out on the other side. And some of it comes because I'm just naturally a hopeful person. But, some of my hope also comes because I am a FISHERMAN! Yep, that's right. A FISHERMAN!

You see, good fishermen always have hope. I always believe that in that next spot, around that next stump or in that next brush-pile, I'm gonna catch a fish. I always believe that there's a fish that's going to bite. All I have to do is find him.

Years of tournament fishing crappie taught me a lot of things about crappie fishing: new methods, new equipment, new ideas. But one of the most important things that tournament fishing taught me was that somebody, no matter the weather or water level or water color, was always going to catch fish. It happened in every tournament that my fishing partner, Andy Warren, and I fished. Somebody ALWAYS found the fish! The fish ALWAYS bit somehow, somewhere, for somebody! There was always a winner in every tournament.

The secret is PERSEVERANCE! In other words, don't give up. Keep believing, keep trying, keep searching, keep hoping. That's true for fishing....and it's true for life. Think for instance of the farmer. A farmer stands in a freshly plowed field in the early Spring looking out at the cold earth warming in the Spring sun.....but he doesn't see an empty field. He sees corn standing as high as an elephant's eye and ready for harvest. Friend, that's HOPE....and that hope gives him the encouragement needed to keep going.

That's the way I think about COV-19. I refuse to let it hold me hostage. Times are tough, but we'll make it through together, and come out on the other side. Our country will be stronger than ever before. I'm sure of it. We just have to persevere and refuse to give up. That said, I'm already thinking about how to get my guiding business up and running, hopefully, as soon as May. I may have to furnish masks for my clients, and wear one myself, but that can be done. In fact, I already wear a fishing face mask for protection from the sun and pollen when I'm fishing, so I'll just make one available to all my clients as well. And social distancing can be done pretty easily on my big deck boat. I've already got clients booking for May, so if you are interested, give me a call or shoot me an email at the info. provided here on my site. And we'll go catch us a mess of crappie (or bluegill or shellcracker since they are starting to bite)....HOPEFULLY!

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